Responsibilities of the Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for the financial, organizational and strategic performance of the Kamloops Sports Legacy Fund Society. More specifically to:

  • Foster a culture that promotes ethical practices, encourages individual integrity and fulfills social responsibility.
  • Assist the Board in the development and implementation of short and long-term strategic management processes, which will be assessed by result based accountability.
  • Manage the recording and reporting of Board and committee activities.
  • Assist in developing and implementing Board policies.
  • Implement strict internal control systems to protect the Society and establish the necessary management information systems to assess the progress of the strategic management processes.
  • Develop budgets that support the strategies and business plans of the Society and recommend to the Board the allocation of capital necessary to achieve them.
  • Ensure that the day-to-day business affairs are appropriately managed.
  • Consistently strive to achieve the operating goals and objectives, and initiate appropriate action when required.
  • Build and maintain a strong positive relationship with the members of the Board, Society and the community.
  • Ensure that there is effective communications with the members of the Society and with the community.
  • Ensure that an effective succession plan is in place for all key personal within the organization and for the position of Executive Director.