Board of Directors Mandate

  • The Board of the Kamloops Sports Legacy Fund Society develops the policies, systems and structures within a strategic/operational framework, which ensures the leadership of the organization makes appropriate decisions, and takes appropriate actions to deliver services in an effective and accountable manner. This includes transparent and equitable stewardship of resources, which will sustain the organization, and keep it relevant to the community.
  • The Board adopts procedures to identify the principal risks of the society’s business and to ensure the implementation of appropriate systems to manage these risks.
  • The Board is accountable to the members of the Kamloops Sports Legacy Fund Society and has the responsibility for providing stakeholders with a full accounting and timely information about our operations, programs and initiatives.
  • The Board ensures that there are effective communications with its members and the community.
  • The President of the Society is responsible for providing leadership, direction and focus to the Board in carrying out this mandate.