Individual Director Responsibilities*

The duties of a director of the Kamloops Sports Legacy Fund Society are:

  • Duty of Honesty – In dealings with fellow directors, a director must tell the truth and act in good faith.
  • Duty of Loyalty – A director is required to give individual loyalty and act in a manner for the benefit of the Society as a whole.
  • Duty of Care – A director is required to exercise prudence and diligence based on acting carefully, deliberately and cautiously, trying to foresee consequences.

A Director is encouraged to:

  • Exercise powers properly for the purpose for which they are conferred.
  • Be sensitive to the fiduciary duty to avoid conflicts of interest and focus on the good of the whole.
  • Ensure that appropriate records are kept and maintained.
  • Establish an effective, independent and respected presence and a collegial relationship with the other Board members.
  • Fulfill legal requirements and obligations as a Director, represent the interests of all of the members in the governance of the Society, and participate in the review of the Society’s policies, strategies and the monitoring of the strategic/operational framework.
  • Exercise good judgment and act with integrity, use abilities, experience and influence constructively.
  • Be available as a resource to management and the Board – Govern rather than manage.
  • Read materials provided for Board and committee meetings, maintain a good attendance record and acquire adequate information for decision making.
  • Know the purpose and objectives of the Board committees and understand the process and role of management and staff supporting the committees.
  • Require management to provide all information the Director deems relevant to understand the issues facing the Society.
  • Appreciate the Society’s role in the community and be an effective ambassador.
  • Understand the regulatory, legislative, business, social and political environments of the Society.

* (As set out by the Canadian Business Corporations Act – CBCA)